We provide Welding Engineering/Technical Support in the areas of:
  • Welding Safety management

  • Structural Weld Failure Investigation

  • Welding Design

  • Welding Systems Management & Auditing

  • Welding Management Systems Design and Implementation

  • Welding Supervision

  • Weld Procedure Formulation & Qualification

  • Welding Inspection

  • Welding Operator Qualification

  • Welding Supervision and Inspection training

  • Quality Management Systems & Documentation

  • AS 3834 Management & Compliance

  • Welding Productivity/Cost Analysis

  • Research and Development

  • Site Supervision

Dipper bucket weld failure investigation

Investigation causes and effects of detrimental manufacturing weld quality, repair methods, and quality control. Repair solutions formulated and supervised.

Quality Documentation Welding Management Numerous Companies


Formulation of first class quality documentation for traceability and accountability in welding and fabrication activities in accordance with AS/ISO 3834.2 :"Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials"

Part 2: Comprehensive Quality Requirements 

Welding Engineering
Numerous Companies 


Welding procedure formulation in professional format to any standard in the world. Unquestionalble accuracy and compliance to standards nominated

Under Water Weld Procedure and Welding Operator Qualification


Welding procedure formulation in professional format to AWS D3.6 M

Welding Operator qualifications

Under Water Welding

Under Water Welding

Under Water Welding

Under Water Welding



Vent Shaft Pipe Weld Supervision and Inspection


Butt weld inspections in 914 mm OD x 9.53mm wall to As 1554.1 SP

Weld Engineering and Design, Weld Procedure and Welding Operators Qualification


Engineering and design of weld joint and weld procedure to modify and weld underground longwall maingate bed plate.

Materials 100mm JFE-Hiten 780S to AS 3678 GR 350

Reclaim Tunnel Armco Shield Crack Repair Inspection and Technical Support


Visit Site and provide inspection and engineering service for the repair of cracked Armco lap seems joints. Technical report supplied

Welding Advisory- Welding Method Statments

Design and Developement


Engineer/Design and develope "Welding Advisory-Welding Method Statements" for any industry or application